Top 10 SNES RPGs

Top 10 SNES RPGs

The Super Nintendo was a role-playing gamers best friend welcome to BoxyNerd and today we’re counting down our picks for the top ten Super Nintendo RPGs for this list we’ve chosen Super Nintendo games that offer traditional turn-based and action role-playing combat titles like The Legend of Zelda a Link to the Past weren’t included because they’re basically considered action-adventure games rather than action RPGs 

Number Ten


 We start our epic RPG list with this underrated gem which unfortunately never made it to north america terranigma is an action role-playing game with a magnificent grandiose story about the rebirth of the world following the clash between God and the devil main character arc is the mischievous bad boy whose fate seems intertwined with the planets future the gamer takes control of arc as he runs jumps and attacks using the intuitive battle system that offers challenging and unique mechanics with a marvelous soundtrack creative level design and a beautiful art style terranigma is a blast from start to finish

 Number Nine

 Lufia to rise of the sinister 

The prequel to the first lufia game Lufia 2 improves on every aspect of its predecessor offering a more robust adventure filled with multiple dungeons and hundreds of puzzles taking us back 99 years before the events of the original the game tells the origins of the evil God likes sinister all’s and the war they waged against humanity innovative features such as IP skills and capsule monsters battling alongside captured animals were introduced along with the ancient cave a randomly generated dungeon with ninety nine floors to explore 

Number Eight

 Breath of Fire 2 

set 500 years after the original Breath of Fire 2 offers an awesome RPG experience beautifully crafted with great production value the player takes control of ryu the last surviving member of the dragon clan as he and a colorful cast of humans and creatures fight to rid the world of a growing evil besides the solid turn-based combat one of the coolest aspects of the game is how each character has a different skill that can be used outside of battle such as fishing and hunting 

Number Seven 

Secret of evermore secret of evermore 

An underrated action RPG that follows a boy and his pet dog who are accidentally transported to the world of evermore they’ll engage in real-time battles in prehistoric jungles filled with dinosaurs medieval kingdoms Egyptian like ancient civilizations and even futuristic Space Station’s core gameplay involves the usual puzzle solving and exploration intermixed with mastering weapons and the unique alchemy system for casting spells with an atmospheric soundtrack and great level design this tale of a boy and his dog makes for a great adventure 

Number Six

 Illusion of Gaia 

Next up on our list is this action role-playing game by peenics harnessing his psychic powers will is tasked with stopping the chaos comet that will bring destruction to the earth while the player only takes control of will he can transform himself into the dark night freedom and the insanely powerful massive energy known as shadow each transformation brings something new to the table adding an interesting element to mix up the combat and puzzle solving a great soundtrack and gorgeous visuals are the icing on this delicious RPG cake 

Number Five

 Secret of mana 

Coming in at number five is another fan favorite in secret of mana you take control of an unnamed warrior whose task it is to find the seeds of the mana tree a force that keeps good and evil in perfect balance foregoing turn-based combat for real-time battles the game features an interesting ring command menu system which allows the player to pause the action and make critical decisions furthermore you can grab a buddy and play the game co-op with two players with a great plot colourful graphics and a phenomenal soundtrack this is one of the snes’s finest 

Number Four


What is one thing that a video game needs above all else fun and earthbound offers that in spades despite the fact that it requires more grinding than pretty much anything else on this list with its real world setting which by the way was unheard of in RPGs at the time humorous tone and great characters earth mountain quickly became a cult favourite amongst nest gamers playing as ness you and your buddies must stop the evil guy gas from enveloping the world in hatred a catchy soundtrack and charming level design add to this innovative RPG experience with our favorite level in the game being moon side a colorful city where everything is opposite 

Number Three 

Super mario RPG legend of the seven stars 

Mario in an RPG developed by Squaresoft this was one of the earliest cases in which Nintendo led another developer handle their star mascot when the Mushroom Kingdom comes under attack from the villainous Smithee a menacing mechanical creature who has stolen the seven stars from the star road it naturally falls to our favorite plumber to set things right Mario RPG offers fun turn-based combat with newcomers mallow the tadpole and Gino the fan favorite puppet magician most shockingly Bowser joins Mario in the battle against smithy who has taken over Bowser’s Castle memorable enemies such as the Aksum rangers and collects the Final Fantasy inspired secret boss made this game a joy to play 

Number Two

 Final Fantasy 3 aka Final Fantasy 6 

Arguably the finest RPG in this series Final Fantasy 6 boasts excellent gameplay and superb design with a story to rival the best of the best from the moment terra plows through the snowy narshe gamers know they’re witnessing something magical ff6 also has the distinction of having one of the greatest villains in video game history the sociopathic clown kefka pallazzo who actually does the unthinkable and ends the world with numerous memorable scenes such as the opera house scene Final Fantasy 6 will go down as one of the best RPGs ever before we reveal our top pick here are a few honorable mentions 

Number One 

Chrono Trigger 

When you mix epic RPG action and a complex story about a group of heroes using time travel to stop the apocalypse you get our number one entry Chrono Trigger is not only the best RPG on the Super Nintendo it’s arguably one of the best RPGs ever in addition to the fantastic work that went into the game’s visual aspects and musical score it offers dynamic gameplay with its innovative battle system encouraging you to combine your characters abilities for mind-blowing results with multiple endings and even a major character death Chrono Trigger has cemented itself as RPG royalty do you agree with our list let us know which SNES RPG you would include on your list and for more.


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